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Unlocking your career potential with Monolith.

We believe in shaking up the traditional recruitment process. That’s why we don’t just work with anyone.

Our client roster includes some of the most innovative names in their sectors, and we only partner with companies that can offer something… a little bit different.

Our teams aren’t excited to fill 9-5 ‘jobs’ for tech professionals. Wwe want to make magic happen by connecting ambitious, pioneering technology talent with dynamic companies pushing the limits of technology innovation, and bringing to life game-changing product visions.

If we’re not excited to run the search, we won’t take the assignment. As simple as that.

Unique connections, unique opportunities

We’ve invested more than ten years in building relationships with business owners, investors and technology leaders across some of the hottest sectors across the UK, Europe and USA.

With a sector-agnostic approach, we track disruptive and high-potential technology initiatives wherever we encounter them, exploring and deepening our partnerships with the businesses and innovators who are shaping tomorrow’s technology landscape.

We thrive on giving our candidates access to that world – opening doors that others can’t see, and making intuitive connections that go beyond matching hard skills and look at broader synergies, shared ambitions and rock-solid culture fits.

That’s why we’re able to unlock hidden career potential for some of the most talented and ambitious tech professionals in the world – providing access to a private network of thrilling career potential.